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Growing the Fava Beans is the Easy Part

This lovely mound of beans was my third harvest from my plants, and honestly by this point the prep required to actually get the beans to the table had me daunted.  The process goes like this, you shell the beans from the pod (not easy),  the shelled beans have a tough outer skin that needs to be removed, so you parboil the shelled beans for 2-3 minutes, drain, ice and then remove the outer skin from each and every bean (not easy).  So before this 3rd harvest I got some advice……

Take the bean pod and rip it in half

Then just squeeze the pod and the beans will pop right out

Yes my thumbnail is dirty, shucking Fava’s is HARD WORK!  and yes that is a dog hair jauntily sticking out from my index finger, but unfortunately you cannot eat in this house without dog hair, it is a condiment.


Fava Mania!

Years ago my friends Shelley & James planted a cover crop of Fava Beans in their yard (the Fava’s put lot’s of good nitrogen in the soil). When I first saw them they were in bloom and just beautiful, I couldn’t stop commenting on how pretty the plant was with it’s silvery green leaves and, such lovely flowers! When I saw some Fava plants at the nursery this winter I decided to try my hand at growing some in a half wine barrel.

The Fava plant grows tall and bushy, not viney like other beans

 They grew like the proverbial weed and before I knew it they were loaded with beautiful blossoms.


The center is such a deep purple it almost looks black

The flowers bloom in clusters all over the plant, not much of a scent, but the bees sure did like them!  Soon enough little baby Favas were sprouting.


Rainbow Chard

I’m harvesting the last of my Chard today

It’s so pretty and super easy to grow.  These plants were grown in  a half wine barrel and provided us with fresh, tasty greens all winter.

Love the hot pink ribs.

  Looks like we’ll be having Rainbow Chard Pizza for dinner!