Escaping Seattle Rain for a Portland Treat

Where do Seattle foodies go when grey days (daze) and everything topped with pork belly becomes too much? Portland; land of food trucks, a passion for farm-to-table dining and great public transportation.

Portland is the new Promised Land of food! Our first stop… Pine State Biscuits! Ahhh biscuits. When done well, they leave you weak in the knees. But use them as the bedding for eggs, collard greens and shitake mushroom gravy? Heaven.

Enter “The Wedgie”, my personal favorite. A crunchy, salty slab of fried chicken, a wedge of iceberg lettuce, slices of fried green tomatoes and a soup ladle of blue cheese dressing cradled in a tender, buttermilk biscuit. Do I make you hungry baby?

Next stop Tasty n Sons.

Bon appétit!

Courtesy of Chef Hollyce


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