Fava Mania!

Years ago my friends Shelley & James planted a cover crop of Fava Beans in their yard (the Fava’s put lot’s of good nitrogen in the soil). When I first saw them they were in bloom and just beautiful, I couldn’t stop commenting on how pretty the plant was with it’s silvery green leaves and, such lovely flowers! When I saw some Fava plants at the nursery this winter I decided to try my hand at growing some in a half wine barrel.

The Fava plant grows tall and bushy, not viney like other beans

 They grew like the proverbial weed and before I knew it they were loaded with beautiful blossoms.


The center is such a deep purple it almost looks black

The flowers bloom in clusters all over the plant, not much of a scent, but the bees sure did like them!  Soon enough little baby Favas were sprouting.


One response to “Fava Mania!

  1. Shelley Mulhall

    About favas, we just did them on Easter and we grilled them, whole in the pod, tossed in olive oil and then, once cooked, tossed in sea salt. Everyone loved them! They all said, how did you find this recipe, and we said, we first had them grilled at our friend Lori’s house. Easy, peasy, it doesn’t have to be difficult to taste good.

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