Swiss Charred Pizza

Well, I was right in the middle of cooking a pizza last night, when my oven konked out.  I decided to finish the pizza on the grill.

I was very pleased with the way it looked when it came off the grill.  It looked beautiful!

Until I looked at the bottom………

6 responses to “Swiss Charred Pizza

  1. pizza is a favorite in my house, sad that the bottom was so “done”
    Looking forward to meeting you at campblogaway next week.
    Let me know if you are on twitter, I’m @createdbydiane

  2. Diane,
    It was really nice to meet you this weekend, loved chatting about pizza…made one tonight in fact! Thanks for the cookies they were delicious! Yes I am on Twitter @foodietofoodie

  3. Hahah! Swiss “charred” caught me eye, and I’m glad I clicked through. (Sorry to laugh at your grilling misfortune, but I couldn’t resist.) Huge props to you for sharing something other than seemingly effortless, perfect food. I don’t think food bloggers do that enough… 🙂

  4. The bottom of that pizza was seriously black, I could have used it as charcoal!

  5. So you did what any self-respecting foodie would have done, right? (That is, scraped the cheese off the top and eaten just that part!)

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