Picnic on a Train

Last October my husband and I travelled to Lugano Switzerland.  He has been doing work with a Swiss company there and I tagged along!  Lugano is right by the Italian border, in fact Lake Lugano borders Lake Como.  Being in Lugano is just like being in Italy, everyone speaks Italian, everyone is stylishly dressed,  everyone smokes, all the food is heavily influenced by Italy.  Lugano is in the Canton called Ticino.  We saw Ticino Cheese, Meats & Wine (White Merlot!). So when we left Lugano to take a train through the Alps to Zurich I fixed us up a tasty picnic of Ticino goodies.

The little ceramic cup that looks like a ramekin is called a boccalino, and  that’s how you drink wine!  The cheeses are Formaggella Pagilia and Alpe Bedretto.  The bread and grapes from the farmer’s market in the Piazza and a local Salametti Mendrisio.

It rained all the way to Zurich, but we didn’t mind.  Snug on the train with our lovely picnic.

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